Kind to our Weary Selves

  Alright, let's tackle something that has come up an awful lot recently: Writer's block. Yes, it does exists and I don't care if famous writers or your mother disagrees. For instance, this little quote from Terry Pratchett has always driven me crazy: "There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people [...]

For Others…

Who is your audience? In the previous post I touched on how we all need a reason to keep writing sometimes, especially when all the world is against you; when it feels like nothing is going your way; when your frustrated, and tired, and your eyes ache, brain is sucked dry, and your just about [...]

The *cough cough* WooWoo Stuff

We have talked about entertaining. We have talked about informing. We have talked about the need to pass down a legacy. Are those reasons enough to write? They are rather concrete, solid reasons. Add in there the desire by some to become rich and famous, and I could say, with very little argument, that I [...]

Publishing; You Naughty Thing, You

"It is the conjoint effort of author and reader which brings upon the scene that concrete and imaginary object which is the work of the mind. " - Sartre We write. Words on a page. The blinking of a cursor; the stroke of a pen. Words linked together to create paragraphs, that turn into pages, [...]

Why Write?

Why do any of us read? I read to escape. Mostly. On occasion I am surprised and I find that while I am escaping, I am also moved, or I have learned something. I also, specifically, read to learn. Sometimes I read about physics and space. Sometimes I read about philosophy. Occasionally it is religion, [...]