I’ve been missing for over a year now.

Not missing, really, that’s obvious, but missing from here.

Partially it had to do with the death of a dear friend, who I couldn’t save with my words. I’ve just now started to realize how paralyzing that death actually was, and how it has changed me, though I refused to see it for months.

Partially it was a need for silence; in my self and with others.

I also started a new job. Quit said job. Started a training program. Quit said training program. And have now gone back to writing full time.

That’s stressful. Exhilarating. Stressful.

And so here I am; not entirely sure what to do with this space but entirely sure that there needs to be something.

I am working on a novel. It is my seventh. Should I blog about the process?

I have thought about writing and publishing short stories here, though I haven’t dived down that rabbit hole since I was in college. I’ve thought about dabbling in book reviews. I definitely read enough books throughout the year to warrant material, but is that something that adds to the conversation?

Other ideas:

Daily Tarot readings


Poetry (it has been even longer since I wrote poetry)

And there are others.

The question: What is the construct moving forward? And how does that construct add rather than subtract from the universal narrative?

Huh. Universal narrative… *wanders off to contemplate this idea*

How do YOU use this space?



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