I’ve been missing for over a year now.

Not missing, really, that’s obvious, but missing from here.

Partially it had to do with the death of a dear friend, who I couldn’t save with my words. I’ve just now started to realize how paralyzing that death actually was, and how it has changed me, though I refused to see it for months.

Partially it was a need for silence; in my self and with others.

I also started a new job. Quit said job. Started a training program. Quit said training program. And have now gone back to writing full time.

That’s stressful. Exhilarating. Stressful.

And so here I am; not entirely sure what to do with this space but entirely sure that there needs to be something.

I am working on a novel. It is my seventh. Should I blog about the process?

I have thought about writing and publishing short stories here, though I haven’t dived down that rabbit hole since I was in college. I’ve thought about dabbling in book reviews. I definitely read enough books throughout the year to warrant material, but is that something that adds to the conversation?

Other ideas:

Daily Tarot readings


Poetry (it has been even longer since I wrote poetry)

And there are others.

The question: What is the construct moving forward? And how does that construct add rather than subtract from the universal narrative?

Huh. Universal narrative… *wanders off to contemplate this idea*

How do YOU use this space?



One thought on “Missing

  1. It sounds like you have been questioning and questing. This often happens after the death of someone close to us. The sudden empty space in our life creates questions, doubts, sadness and a hundred other emotions. I’m glad that you took time away to explore other avenues. It is important to evaluate our direction regularly. Just remember that those that love us just want us to be happy. If you follow your heart, it never leads you wrong.

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