Monday Tarot

The Five of Wands

Today’s question: “What do my readers need to know for today”

Take it or leave it; the Tarot deck is endlessly fascinating to me. I have done a tremendous amount of archetypal study (that pesky master’s degree), and the Tarot is a perfect example of the way archetypes can be used for self-discovery and exploration. I am all about that self-discovery and exploration thing (ask my long-time suffering husband), and Tarot is a gold mine.

Keeping all that in mind, this morning I pulled the five of wands specifically to post here on WordPress. Looking at the five of wands, the five is the immediate “wowzer” aspect, as the five is usually associated with chaos, conflict, and up in the air craziness.

I look at this card and I see that chaos. Are these guys fighting? Are they partying? What exactly is going on with these individuals wielding their wands? Definitely, the one in the background appears to be quite angry. But the others not so much.

And they all wear different clothing. Different backgrounds? Different People? I don’t know, but that adds to the chaotic and noncohesive feeling of this card.

Chaos is such an interesting concept. At first, there is the initial feeling that things should most definitely NOT be chaotic; but then, when we make it through to the other side, looking back we see that the chaos helped move us into a new space. Was it fun? Probably not. But it was likely very effective.

As such, for the individual; this is card asks us to examine where the conflict lies in our lives? Where are the disruptions? The lack of understanding? The chaos?

Perhaps the chaotic nature is the spark that we need to brainstorm how to move through this period of time and circumstance. After all, though those the men on the card seem to be in conflict, they are not, in fact, hurting one another. None of those wands are striking blows. As such, things might seem crazy, all over the place, and without reason or organization (in a word: chaotic), but there is a real possibility for space to grow, expand, and to move through to the other side without harm.

What does this card say to you?

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