Book Review Prep


This is my “to be read” pile. Not too bad actually. It has been considerably taller in the past. But. Of these books, I was thinking of writing my first book review.

I have never actually written a book review, well at least not a proper one. Obviously, I have written numerous literature papers over the course of obtaining my lit degrees, but a review is a bit different, isn’t it?

Of course, there is no way to know what’s down that unknown road until one sits down and actually follows through. So of those books, which strikes you as a good first review attempt? There are a few in there like the Yang and the Chakraborty books that are sequels so might be a bit less user-friendly for the reader; however, I am game for whichever.

Do you have a pick, dear reader? Or even one that is not on this tbr pile?


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