…And done!

green rice field
The end of the road

The WIP is finished… well, the first draft is anyway. Shew. That is such a feeling. I had to share because it is amazing what we can accomplish when we sit down to do it. I have done this a few times now, but the brilliance of a finished work never quite fades.

Keep at it, my fellow creators, the finish line is always just around the corner.

And because I am finished, the last bit of the novel:

And in that, there is a kind of peace.

As for what happened there at the end, when I fell into darkness and emerged somewhere else; I am not sure. Tirius left before I could ask him. Kai believes it was a hallucination, something that my brain did to give me time and space to see clearly. I am not altogether convinced of that, thinking of Cana’s word about being of another reality. Did she speak true? Or was it just another story? And that is where I am left most of the time; is it just another story? Another fabrication of something that speaks the kernel of truth but holds no reality but the ones that it is created in?

I don’t know.

That too is something I am trying to learn.


Figure out.

And maybe one day I will have an answer to that question as well.

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