School is IN

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Today the morning felt heavy with clouds. Sun hid somewhere above the layers of gray, but when I walked out to the car, my third-grader in tow, the light had yet to filter through and gray light tinged everything, washing it out.

I don’t mind that my son is going back to school, mostly because his 6.5 hour day is 6.5 hours that I can work, a huge increase over my time allowance during the summer months. But yet, I am still slightly melancholy. We are super buds in the summer, and now he is once more immersed in the politics of elementary school (and there is absolutely, positively politics among 8- and 9-year-olds).

The result is usually more attitude, more sass, and a general dislike and dissatisfaction with life. I mean, not entirely; he doesn’t turn into a life-hating manic, rather those traits color the edges of his normally cheerful and inquisitive, positive attitude.

He contains so much of himself at school, holding it in and I get it. Aren’t we all a bit like that; a different person at home with those we love and trust compared to how we act with coworkers or peers? Home is where the walls can come down, where the gloves can come off, where one can rest, and so I don’t overly mind that those negative traits show up when he walks through the door.

But still.

Still, it makes me a little sad.

The passing of time as well. The feeling that the days and weeks and months slip by so quickly anymore. Three months of summer gone in a snap of a finger, a blink of the eye, a *fill in the cliche here*.

So yes, gray. I drove him to school. I dropped him off at his classroom with a hug and a kiss to his palm, said hello to the many familiar faces (the result of being at the same school for the last four years), and drove away.

He will be fine.

And I will too. Already I have line-edited 22 pages this morning; done laundry; written an article; and spilled coffee on myself, and it is not yet 11 am. Doing pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Yet. Yet, the feeling lingers, of passing time, of limited time, of saying goodbye to something that I can’t even identify.

But what about you, dear readers? Are you a parent, guardian, aunt/uncle, etc. dropping off your child at school or bus this week? How do they do with the new school year? How do you?

Until next time, lovelies, may the sun shine through the clouds, illuminating you with light.

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