Creating Space

We purchased a wee bit of property. Just a bit of Earth. A mere ten acres to try to protect and cultivate and develop in a sustainable way. The project is a big one. It is land and that is all. There is no electricity, water, or septic. Just… a space.

But oh what the space. Look at these trees!!

(Click on picture for a closer look)

There are maples, oaks, firs, and cedars.

And a creek…

And because I always have to get those specific close-ups… plenty of opportunities…

Space. This has been a central theme for me lately. Creating space around me, yes, but also within. Clearing out the mental clutter along with the physical. Laying the groundwork for something new, even if it is years away still.

What about you dear readers? What do you do to calm the chaos? To clear the clutter? How do you create space?

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