Having Fun… or Not?

Why do you write? Why does anyone write? For many of us, me included, writing as a career barely scrapes by on the making money meter. My writing is heavily supported by a spouse and his income. And even when I was without spousal income and worked at a newspaper as an on-staff journalist, my [...]

Episode 1 — Telemachus

I had every intention of getting this up earlier in the week. In fact, my writing schedule had this penned in for Tuesday; however, life is life and here we are on a Friday and I am finally getting around to posting my reaction/interpretation to the first "episode" of Ulysses. My first reaction: yep, this is [...]

Book Review Prep

This is my "to be read" pile. Not too bad actually. It has been considerably taller in the past. But. Of these books, I was thinking of writing my first book review. I have never actually written a book review, well at least not a proper one. Obviously, I have written numerous literature papers over [...]