Using the Shadow

A few months back, I wrote about a workshop that I teach using archetypes as journal prompts for self-exploration. I posted this in response to some of my students wishing to have access, and also for any reader that might find it interesting or helpful. Since then, I have had other students request additional aspects of the [...]

Having Fun… or Not?

Why do you write? Why does anyone write? For many of us, me included, writing as a career barely scrapes by on the making money meter. My writing is heavily supported by a spouse and his income. And even when I was without spousal income and worked at a newspaper as an on-staff journalist, my [...]

For Others…

Who is your audience? In the previous post I touched on how we all need a reason to keep writing sometimes, especially when all the world is against you; when it feels like nothing is going your way; when your frustrated, and tired, and your eyes ache, brain is sucked dry, and your just about [...]